Stella Marie Juarez


Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Walk In The Park

Last weekend we took the girls and the Zarates to a huge park in Leeds that Lindsay told me about. Not only was the park awesome but the drive there was really nice. We took Grants Mill Road and went over beautiful bridges and saw lots of horses and other animals. The drive was great but the park was even better!

Dominic LOVED it. He was so excited. He didn't even know where to begin so he just did a lot of this.

That boy had to be tired by the time we left. He ran ALL over the place! I think Juan was pretty tired too since had to chase him everywhere he went.

Zoe was too little to really enjoy it but she did get to swing for a little while.

It made her giggle out loud. It was too cute.
When she wasn't swinging she thought staring at Martin was pretty entertaining.

Marsia and Anna went down all of the huge slides and climbed the climbing rock and then spotted their favorite part - the perfect climbing tree!

We all had a great time and will definitely be back!

Thank you Sjon, Mark and JW

The girls got their Christmas present from Sjon, Mark and JW. They were a BIG hit!

Look closely - see the toes???
Tavi got hers last night and loved hers too. Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of toes.
Thank you Sjon, Mark and JW!